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  • Work with libraries, agricultural information networks and institutions in LAC managing information and knolewdge. Lead

  • I am Federico, from Costa Rica. Lived in the US, Korea, Japan & Brazil for a while…  I studied biosciences, international trade and project for development. I did my MBA and then a PHD in business sciences.  I have worked at the Inter American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture-IICA mostly related with Agribusiness projects and information management programs for the last 15 years.  I am in charge of  the agricultural alliance of information services SIDALC at, the publishing department, the libraries and the technical cooperation related with IM and recently KM.  Indeed most of the work has occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean, but I have great friends and colleagues in Europe, USA and Canada.Currently I am the president of the International Association of Ag Information Specialist IAALD at where we are trying to get good answers for:a.       The future of ag librariesb.      The better access of scientific literaturec.       The better use of ICT for agriculture I use social media: skype: fsancho-oficina; linked in Federico Sancho, Twitter FdSancho and facebook Federico Sancho

  • Latin America
  • science
  • Information management
  • Europe
  • Agroindustrial sector
  • Development projects
  • Knowledge management
Costa Rica