Omede, Apeh

PhD Student
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  • I am currently on a PhD study in Poultry Science at the University of New England, Australia. My research interest is in the field of Animal Welfare, Behaviour and Environment. Growing up, I never thought for a day that I would be this interested in agriuculture until I got into the University to study Animal Science in my first degree. That single opportunity has led to several life intriguing experiences for me as a young professional in agricultural research for development. Till date, I have become addicted to how we can use our knowledge in agriculture to change our world. As a young professional, I am interested in sharing my experience with other young people so as to create an arousal in them towards the potentials of agriculture in contributing to sustainable livelihood and rural development especially in developing countries across the ACP region.

  • Back home, I work as an Assistant Lecturer and researcher in the Department of Animal Production, Kogi State University, Nigeria. I have been involved in some youth related science and research competitions in the field of Animal Production. I am a member of the Nigeria Poultry Feeds Research and Development (NIPOFERD) conmsortium, supported by PAEPARD. I also belong to the World's Poultry Science Association and the Poultry Science Association - USA.

  • My life’s dream is to pursue a career in research and academics with the ultimate goal of contributing to global animal food security and provide support for smallholder rural farmers to achieve sustainable livelihood. 

  • Apeh Omede is an animal scientist who works with the department of animal production at Kogi State University. He is interested in empowering rural poor and smallholder farmers to achieve sustainable livelihood and contribute to global animal food security.

  • Small farms
  • Zoology
  • science
  • Poultry
  • Animal products
  • Sustainability
  • Animals
  • Information management