Kizito-mayanja, James

Principal Information Officer
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  • I am an agricultural Statistician/Economist who has passion for small scale farmers. I am an Alumni of ELLA (Evidence and Learning from Latin America), a network of professionals dealing with smallholder farmers and rural development spearheaded by GRADE, Peru and UKAID. I am also a life member of Foundation For Human Rights Initiative, a leading human rights organization in Uganda and regionally. I, together with my wife, also own a coffee farm of about 15 acres. Rights of small farmers to information, data and knowledge become critical especially in the liberalized global environment. Lack of access makes smallholder farmers less competitive on the market. With ICT advancement i.e. e-gaps, e-markets, e-business, the need for small farmers to have rights to information on their costs, prices, margins and markets becomes very relevant. To what extent are small scale farmers able to access vital information to ensure sustainability and hence reduction in poverty levels, accessibility.

  • Small farms
  • Economic competition
  • Latin America
  • Human rights