Gutam, Sridhar

Senior Scientist
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  • I am a Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology) working at Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow, India an establishment of Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Apart from my Plant Physiology research,I have keen interests in Open Access to Data and Information in Agriculture and doing Open Access advocacy among my peers and others in the organisation. I believe that Openness would invite more collaborations and thus would have more refinement of the technologies/knowledge which would make a greater impact on the society. I also believe that there is a greater role that youth can play for the sustainability of agriculture and there should be a proper guidance to the youth to take up the action. Capacity building in knowledge sharing is very much essential as not many are aware how to share the knowledge under the IPR regime.

  • I am Senior Scientist at ICAR RCER Research Centre, Ranchi a constituent establishment of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. My current area of work & research is focussed on Fruit Tree Crops - Phenology, Abiotic Stress Management and Open Access to Science and Scholarship. Now being the past YPARD India Chapter Representative and currently as mentor, YPARD India, my focus would also be on networking with the Agricultural Students, Professionals and Farmers and build a strong YPARD India Chapter.

  • Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology), ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region

  • Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology), ICAR RCER Research Centre, Ranchi, India

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